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COI offers innovative technology solutions to electric utility companies that helps improve the energy performance of its small to medium businesses, industrial, and commercial clients. Our solutions focus on eliminating energy waste by optimizing energy behaviors with the ability to monetize energy assets for use with Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy markets. COI is a technology and vendor agnostic firm that is focused on the success of its clients.  Our goal is help our clients capitalize on their excess energy capacity by providing a platform to buy and sell capacity, improve the energy performance of its buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We EDUCATE our clients on the solutions and provide recommendations on the best path forward. Our professionals have extensive experience in the energy industry, business and customer relationship management.


We EMPOWER our clients with solutions that improve customer satisfaction, increase earnings, and optimize operations through technology. We offer Full Service solutions and the client is provided with options that best meet their budget and desired outcomes.


COI helps its clients make a positive IMPACT on their business, the environment and the community through its energy optimization solutions.  We are unique in that we built into our business model a portion of COI’s proceeds to go towards philanthropy.  We believe that to whom much is given, much is required.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Renewable Energy

Customer Engagement

Environmental Stewardship

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